Babolat Air Viper POP Tennis Paddle / Padel Paddle 2021


Textured face for max bite on the ball!


The Babolat Air Viper 2021 is a super high tech paddle in the lightweight padel or pop tennis paddle category that has been designed for ease of swing for players who have above average technique and prefer to generate power via fast stroke mechanics. This paddle is used for POP Tennis (paddle tennis), padel and beach tennis. This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.

You want the best? We’ve got the best! For the advanced player, we love that, for a lightweight paddle, the Babolat Air Viper feels undeniably solid and stable at ball contact. Babolat engineers designed this racket with an innovative, multi-materials core, for a large sweet spot, and a hole pattern that allows that player to generate high speed without losing control. The 16K carbon fiber surface layer ensures great power in the strokes and features a matte, gritty, texturized finish, as well a a raised-print surface to enhance ball spin.  THIS DESCRIPTION IS PROPERTY OF BELL RACQUET SPORTS.

Features of the Babolat Air Viper Pop Tennis Paddle / Padel Racket

Innovative core and rigid surface layer for great power in your strokes
X-EVA Core
Vibrasorb System for comfort
3D Spin+ (grittiest finish allowed!)

Specifications of the Babolat Air Veron

Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.
Weight: 355 grams +/- 10 g (12.5 oz average)
Balance: 265 mm
Beam: 38.0 mm thick
Face Surface: Textured for more bite on the ball (spin) + 3D Spin+ gritty finish (most bite on the ball)
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4 inch
Color: Multi (Black / Gray / Blue / Red)
Other: Integrated head guard for protection and durability
No Cover


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