Ashaway Ultranick 18 Blue Squash String


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Ashaway Ultranick 18 Blue is one of our most textured and powerful squash strings! The Zyex material in this string makes it super powerful and helps to maintain tension. The spiral braided jacket helps bite the ball for superior control. Super playability in a textured string for great bite on the ball and more power from a multifilament core. A BRS Best-seller!  18 gauge is thinner than the string that comes from the factory in most squash racquets, so if you are a frequent string breaker, consider durability when you choose this option.

Details of Ashaway Ultranick 18 blue:
  • Length: 30 feet
  • Zyex multifilament core increases power and resilience
  • Zyex multifilament core prevents tension loss
  • Braided surface maximizes control and increases spin

Gauge: 18
Length: 30 ft.
Color: Blue


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