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Far & Away the best we’ve tried!

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Far and away our best selling and most highly recommended ankle brace! Although there is a newer style out on the market, this is still preferred by our customers for comfort, fit and support.

AirSport™ is an easy-to-wear, low profile prophylactic ankle brace specifically designed for professional athletes or chronic sufferers of ankle sprains. Also great for injury prevention, this model provides more substantial support than the Air Stirrup Training Brace.

AirSport™ incorporates semi-rigid shells and foam filled aircells to provide both support and comfort. Additional compression and stabilization are provided by the AirSport’s ATF (anterior talo- fibular ligament) cross-strap and integrated forefoot and shin wraps. The Coated Fabric offers long-lasting durability. Another unique element of the AirSport Ankle Brace is its ‘step-in’ design (see picture above). By sliding the foot, toes first, into the back of the brace, application is easy and fast; just: Step In… Strap Up… and Go!

Handwashable Nylon. Wear over your usual sock.
Order for either the Right or Left foot – Sizes, Small, Medium and Large.
Black only.

What size to buy?
This item is UNISEX. Use the reference below based on your shoe size.

Ankle Brace Size: Small
U.S. Shoe Size…Men’s up to Size 7 or Women’s Shoe Size 5 thru 8-1/2

Ankle Brace Size: Medium
U.S. Shoe Size…Men’s Size 8 thru 11 or Women’s Shoe Size 9 thru 11.5

Ankle Brace Size: Large
U.S. Shoe Size…Men’s up to Size 11.5 thru 14 or Women’s Shoe Size 12 and up


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