Junior Tennis Racquets

Need help sizing your child for a Junior Tennis Racquet?  Click here for kid’s tennis racquet sizing assistance and then shop our selection of Junior Tennis Racquets below.  They come prestrung and ready to hit the courts!

Wondering why the huge price differences in kid’s tennis racquets?  As a general rule, racquets priced under $35 are typically aluminum in composition, racquets priced $35-$60 are typically graphite composite racquets and racquets $60+ are typically full graphite racquets that are simply a smaller version of the same racquet in an adult size.  More general guidelines below:

  • $35 and under – beginner racquets, child may or may not stick with it
  • $35-60 – intermediate racquets for an improving child player
  • $60 plus – best performing racquets for players who plan to keep playing

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