Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Paddletek pickleball paddles are a high quality, technologically advanced line of paddles. Paddletek was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona and proudly makes their paddles in the U.S.A. Shop our DEMO page for slightly imperfect Paddletek paddles at a huge savings!

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We offer our higher end Paddletek paddles with a grip size option to give you a more custom fit.  If you are not certain which grip size to choose, here are some helpful tips:

  • Paddletek settled on STANDARD for a reason…it is the most common size that will work for most hands.
  • If you choose STANDARD and it feels too big when you receive it, know that you can unwrap the grip, remove it and replace it with a very thin non-cushioned grip that you simply wrap on in its place.
  • If you know you have a smaller than average hand, choose the smaller size
  • If you know you have a larger than average hand (men 6 feet tall or over), for a small upcharge we can enlarge the grip prior to shipping. Please call us for details on this option.