Wilson Pickleball Paddles

Shop Wilson Pickleball Paddles if you like a larger grip size feel in the hand which makes them popular with players with larger hands! Wilson pickleball equipment is highly regarded and with pickleball paddles now made by Engage, quality is guaranteed to be top notch.

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Tips on selecting a pickleball paddle:

•A heavier pickleball paddle has more mass so it can provide more power to a player with a slower swing.
•A lighter pickleball paddle is easier to get where you want it quickly and is easier for a faster swing.
•If playing mostly outdoors, having some weight behind the ball helps in windy conditions so a mid or heavier weight pickleball paddle is key
•Graphite and textured face paddles provide added touch & ball control.
•Power is often less important in pickleball than control and accuracy, but it depends on the level of pickleball you play
•Most paddles are manufactured in a single grip size.