Midweight Pickleball Paddles

Shop midweight pickleball paddles weighing between 7.3 and 7.8 ounces which are our top selling paddle weights due to their usefulness both indoors and outdoors and suitability to most any level player and style of play.  Not sure what paddle is right for your game?  Scroll down for pickleball paddle selection help.

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Tips on how to select a pickleball paddle:

  • A heavier pickleball paddle has more mass so it can provide more power, even with a slower swing; also often has a larger sweet spot
  • A lighter pickleball paddle is easier to get where you want it quickly and is easier to swing faster; more maneuverable
  • If playing mostly outdoors, using a mid to heavier weight pickleball paddle helps push the ball in windy conditions.
  • Textured and Graphite paddles provide added touch & ball control.
  • Power is typically less important in pickleball than accuracy & control