Heavier Pickleball Paddles

Heavier pickleball paddles are those weighing in at 7.9 ounces and up.  With Covid-19 increasing outdoor play, heavier paddles have been in demand. There has also been a movement toward heavier paddles as the game has sped up and better players have learned ways to control the ball, even at a fast pace.  Scroll down for tips on pickleball paddle selection.

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Tips on how to select a pickleball paddle:

  • A heavier pickleball paddle has more mass so it can provide more power, even with a slower swing; also often has a larger sweet spot
  • A lighter pickleball paddle is easier to get where you want it quickly and is easier to swing faster; more maneuverable
  • If playing mostly outdoors, using a mid to heavier weight pickleball paddle helps push the ball in windy conditions.
  • Textured and Graphite paddles provide added touch & ball control.
  • Power is typically less important in pickleball than accuracy & control