HEAD Pickleball Paddles

HEAD Pickleball Paddles feature unique shapes and face textures that keep them at the forefront of design ingenuity!  With technologies like Graphite / Carbon hitting surfaces, Optimized Tubular Core, Extreme Spin and Comfort Grips this lineup has something for everyone. Shop the new “thicker” poly core Gravity Pickleball Paddles now and enjoy a softer feel and quieter play.

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Tips on how to select a pickleball paddle:

-A heavier pickleball paddle has more mass so it can provide more power to a player with a slower swing.
-A lighter pickleball paddle is easier to get where you want it quickly and is easier to create a faster swing.
-If playing mostly outdoors, having some weight behind the ball helps in windy conditions, so mid or heavier pickleball paddles are key.
-Graphite and/or textured paddles provide added touch & ball control.
-Power is typically less important than control and accuracy for most players, but it depends on the level of pickleball you play
-Most pickleball paddles are manufactured in a single grip size.