POP Tennis Paddle & Padel Paddle

POP Tennis Paddle experts! We recommend finding out what POP tennis and Padel players in your area are using for paddles before you purchase.   There are many versions of the game played  with various types of paddles. Please do your research to determine what you want BEFORE ordering.  Consider a face with grit vs. no grit, thickness, head size, weight, wrist tether / no tether.  SEE BELOW FOR AN EXAMPLE OF THE DIFFERENT PADDLE STYLES.  

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Read about different paddle sports HERE. Today, most new POP Tennis and Padel players are using 38 mm thick (super thick!) paddles, with a non-textured face. 22 mm paddles are still used as well for POP tennis by more traditional players who enjoy the super gritty face for more ball spin, so it is personal preference really.  This image shows the difference in paddle “thickness” looking from the side view.  The head of the PINK paddle looks much smaller in the photo but it is not; however the 38 mm paddle is nearly twice as “thick” and has a softer feel at impact as well as being grit-less on the face.  All of our 22 mm thick paddles have a gritty face surface.