Paddle Tennis / POP Tennis / Padel

Am I playing POP Tennis* (Paddle Tennis), Platform Tennis or Padel?
*note:  paddle tennis has been renamed POP TENNIS.  This is part of a re-marketing of the sport known for many years as “Paddle Tennis”.

POP Tennis (Paddle Tennis) is NOT synonymous Platform Tennis.  It is its own sport and is believed to have originated in 1898 as an outdoor game for children. In 1959, Murray Geller revised the format and rules and the standardized game of Paddle Tennis took off for players of all age groups. Now called POP Tennis, it can be played either as singles or doubles and the winner is the best of three sets. Tennis scoring applies, although only one underhand serve is allowed. It is an easy sport to learn and as with tennis, very little gear is required to play. (scroll down). Watch POP Tennis in Play!