Beach Tennis Paddles

Are you sure what type of paddle you need?  We sell two types of paddles below; both have holes in the face.  Some commonly used paddles are a standard 19 – 22 mm thickness and the type of paddles that have been used for beach tennis for many years.  There are some below that are a new, THICKER style of paddle (38 mm) with a non-gritty surface and a wrist tether on the bottom of the handle. These are used for Padel, POP Tennis and sometimes beach as well.  Due to rapidly changing versions of paddle sports, we suggest you ask those you play with what type of paddle they use. Any questions, call us!

To shop for a Beach Tennis Paddle by brand, just select a brand from the “Manufacturer” menu to the right.  Or shop by weight or core density using the filters provided.  Scroll down to learn more about how weight and core density affect play.

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