An early hit in pickleball, the Pro Lite Impact Graphite continues to have a loyal following.  Since its introduction, we’ve seen pickleball paddles continue to transform physically, in makeup, size and design.  Larger heads, smaller heads, longer heads with shorter handles, wider heads with or without bumpers, rimless narrow heads and so on, you get the idea.  Then the core; honeycomb, vertical chambers, horizontal chambers, aluminum, Nomex, and polycore to name a few. And of course the face and face treatment; graphite with texture, graphite without texture, composite with and without texture, fiberglass faces, woven faces, tacky faces and more.

Some pickleball paddles are discontinued as fast as they are launched, some never get approved by the “Pickleball Association” and so don’t really make it past the pre-launch phase.  Many have run into supplier / material issues and so manufacturing ceases and so you see, there are any number of reasons paddles have a short life-span on the market.  A clear exception is the Pro Lite Impact Graphite, an early graphite paddle that continues to have an almost cult-like following of players who swear that the simply designed paddle plays better than the majority of the new entries to the market.   With a unique head shape, it is easy to spot on the courts and you’ll find many die hard “picklers” wielding it at all levels of the game.

Read about the Pro-Lite Impact Graphite hereAt this price, you can buy two for the price of one of many of the newer paddles on the market!