UPDATED MAY, 2019 (original post below).  POP Tennis has officially re-marketed itself (from Paddle Tennis) and is making headway separating itself from Padel and other sports.  You can now officially find POP tennis gear!

Why Paddle Sports are so confusing right now!  Naming conventions be ##$^@@#, people are just going to keep rolling out new versions of these sports.

Please excuse my frustration here.  As dealers of paddles for a variety of paddle sports we find ourselves stuck in the middle right now.  Players are confused, buyers don’t know what to buy and honestly, we don’t even know what to tell them.  What we could once sort out by asking what state a player plays in, what surface and what type of ball has now become no guarantee of what game they are involved with.

I had a customer call in asking about paddles the other day because he was looking to change things up from using a racquetball racquet with a squash ball on a paddle tennis (POP tennis) court!  While I’ve never heard of such a thing, this is an excellent example of the “anything goes” type of movement in paddle sports right now.

Don’t even try to get it straight as a player right now until those heading up these factions get it straight themselves.   As if it wasn’t already confusing, just today I heard that POP tennis, which recently adopted what was previously Paddle Tennis is now going to have POP hardcourt tennis (presumably paddle tennis) and POP Beach Tennis, a lower-net version of what many Beach Tennis players using a volleyball height net know as Beach Tennis.

All we can say is, hang in there. One suggestion we have is don’t bother with too much research about what type of paddle and balls to buy for what you think you want to play; instead, ask those you’re playing with what they want to use for equipment, hook yourselves up with that and go play, in whatever form you want!

Please weigh in on where you play, what you play with, what you call your version, and what ball you use!


Written by Cate Bell