Here’s a quick view of the new Viking Paddles for 2018 season.  All paddles are in stock and shipping now!  Most of the Viking paddles from 2017 carry over with a couple of new additions shown below.  Viking has gone the way of other manufacturers adding a smooth, grit-free area above the handle to make the paddle face more comfortable to hold and minimize the chance of getting scratched by grit during play.  This is called “Grit Guard”, shown as “GG” in the paddle’s names.  For now “Grit Guard” is available in one adult and one children’s paddle, however, Viking will be rolling this out on more models going forward.

Viking paddle graphics remain clean and bold, highlighting their logo but otherwise keeping the paddle faces modern and clean in appearance.  The only available handle size coming stock from Viking is 4-1/4″ (circumference) which is why we continue to offer a low cost customization to professionally increase your Viking paddle’s grip size prior to shipping. We recommend you use our grip size measurement tips to determine what size you need when you order!

Re-Ignite Lite GG (Grit Guard – smooth, grit free area at the base of the head, just above the handle for more comfort during play.

Viking Re-Ignite Lite GG - Grit Guard 2018 Grit Guard area (in black)

 NOTE THE “GG” area in black just above the handle; smooth and grit free!

O-Zone Prodigy $189.99 (Replaces the Viking O-Zone Ultra)

Viking O-Zone Prodigy
Viking Smash Jr. $89.99 (Replaces the Viking Smash Jr. 2015/16)

Viking Smash Junior 2018 with Grit Guard

Written by Cate Bell