You’ve been asking and now we’re telling!  Here’s the listing of the new Viking and Wilson Paddles for Platform Tennis, Paddle Tennis and Beach tennis coming out this month for the 2013 paddle season.

Order them from Bell Racquet Sports and be the first to get them!  We’ll have the full lineup of 2013 paddles from Wilson and Viking as well as the latest ballspaddle sneakers and accessories.

In summary, Wilson has two brand new Oversized Paddles called the Big Stick BLX and Ugly Stick BLX as well as a redesigned oversized head Hope Paddle 2013.  The ProStaff 2013 has a new cosmetic for this year.  The Viking Paddles for 2013 showcase new weights in similar designs as the past season and the addition of a new Junior or children’s paddle called the Viking Blast Jr.

NEW 2013 Wilson Paddles
Wilson Ugly Stick BLX 2013 Paddle
Play tester comments:  Soft & comfortable, nice on the arm, HUGE sweet spot, easy to swing
for an oversize head
Wilson Big Stick BLX 2013 Paddle
Play tester comments:  Powerful, stick it out there and you can’t miss…a bit head heavy…very
solid feel and very stable
Wilson ProStaff BLX 2013 Paddle
Play tester comments:  Very light to swing…a bit less stable than some…great for ball accuracy,
gives more feel
Wilson Hope BLX 2013 Paddle
Play tester comments:  It was interesting that we had an even split between women who missed the
old lighter Hope and those who felt this one looked pretty and was easier to use because of
the added weight in the head that made it more stable.
  Super soft…
nice on the arm.
NEW 2013 Viking Paddles

Viking Blast Junior Paddle

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