What’s new with Viking paddles for fall of 2016 and the 2017 season?

Let’s begin with the re-organized silos that Viking has moved paddles into by head size and shape.  The new lineup features an OZ family, an O-Zone family and a Re-Ignite family.  This should simplify things overall for players looking to purchase a new Viking but involves some renaming of older models that buyers should be aware of as well.  We’ll point those renamed paddles out below.  Within each family there are firmer and softer core paddles and lighter, mid and heavier weight paddles.  So, your buying decision can now begin with head size / shape you prefer and move from there to the weight you are comfortable swinging and the density best suited to your game.

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The second major change with the 2017 paddles is with the grit used on the surface of the paddles.  Last year’s super aggressive MaxGrit (which is still available on certain models in stock) has been replaced with a smaller, more sugary feeling grit which looks to be evenly dispersed across the paddle’s face and well-adhered to the paddle.  A generous treatment of the grit has been applied for a really nice looking, consistent playing surface.  Time on the court hitting will be the true test for how durable the new grit is.

Viking O-Zone Pro

The NEW Grit for 2017

Lastly, the graphics have been simplified and are pared down, clean and modern, prominently featuring the Viking logo but without the clutter of competing information on the paddle.  We definitely approve of the new colors and look of this line and players are responding positively to it as well!

The Viking Paddle families (silos based on head size & shape):

Viking OZ paddles

  • Traditional “midplus” OZ head size (85 sq. in.) and shape; broad area above the handle, relatively balanced throughout
  • Includes the standard Viking OZ, Viking OZ Lite and Viking OZ Prodigy (and OZ Pro – coming late November ’16)
  • The standard OZ will continue to feature MaxGrit until Viking’s stock is depleted

Viking O-Zone paddles

  • Traditional smaller O-Zone head size (82 sq. in.) and shape; tapered area above the handle, more head light for maneuverability
  • Includes the standard Viking O-Zone, Viking O-Zone Pro, O-Zone Lite and O-Zone Ultra
  • The O-Zone 2016, O-Zone Lite 2016 and O-Zone Ultra all feature MaxGrit. The O-Zone Pro and O-Zone Lite 2017 models feature the new 2017 grit discussed above.

Viking Re-Ignite paddles

  • Traditional oversize Re-Ignite head size (92 sq. in.) and shape; large round head for a larger sweet spot with a more head-heavy balance
  • Includes the standard Viking Re-Ignite, Viking Re-Ignite Longbody, Re-Ignite Lite and Re-Ignite Ultra
  • The standard Re-Ignite Lite, Re-Ignite LB and Re-Ignite Ultra will continue to feature MaxGrit until stock is depleted
  • The (yellow) Re-Ignite Lite model features the new 2017 grit, as will the additional Re-Ignite models due late November ’16

The four “New”* Viking Models with the grit and graphics mentioned above:

*note:  more new Viking paddles are arriving throughout 2016 and early 2017.

Yes, “New” in parenthesis because two of the four paddles (the OZ Prodigy & OZ Lite) are prior Viking models that have been re-named to fit into the new silos discussed above.  While they do feature the new grit and cosmetics also discussed, the paddle specs match up exactly to those of prior seasons.  One of the paddles, the Re-Ignite Lite (yellow) is new in color and grit only, and the last paddle, the O-Zone Pro is the only truly brand new model of the four, with specs that didn’t exist in prior seasons’ versions.

New Viking Paddles

New Viking Paddles




Hopefully you’ll find this information helpful as you navigate the New Viking Paddles for this season.  We are happy to be able to offer many Sale Closeout Paddles to you as well.

Local customers, feel free to stop in and grab a demo of these or other paddles you’d like to try before you buy.

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Remember, we offer grip size customizations for the many players that need a larger size since Viking paddles are only available in 4-1/4″ grip size.

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Written by Cate Bell