Squash Racquet Stringing


Our professional stringers would be happy to restring your squash racquet for you. We offer a 24 hour turnaround so you can be sure we’ll get your racquet in transit back to you the same or next business day after we receive itBefore you pack up and send your racquet to us, here are some points to consider that will help you when you call in your stringing information or before you complete our Racquet Service Form to enclose in the box with your racquet.


When you purchased your squash racquet, it was probably factory pre-strung at a mid-range tension for a combination of power and control.  The string variety used at the factory is typically a basic 17 gauge synthetic gut or one step above, offering decent playability for most players.

While we have basic synthetic gut strings, we nearly always recommend a squash specific string such as those listed below which are our top-sellers.

Reminder: 16 gauge strings (thicker) are more durable than 17 gauge, however 17g (thinner) and 18 and 19g (even thinner!) are higher performing in terms of playability.  Most squash players use 17g or 18g string unless they are extremely frequent string breakers.

Our most popular Squash String Choices include the following:

String Gauge Color Features Installed Price
Dunlop Dura Ace 17 Silver Slight texture and max durability in a 17g $26.00
Yonex Dynawire 16 Black or White Solid core synthetic with foil wrap; crisp feel with control $28.00
Gamma Pro Squash 17 Black Multi-filament for lively feel and tremendous response NOW $5 OFF SPECIAL $26.00
Ashaway Supernick XL 17 White Textured for power and control; great bite on the ball $29.00
Ashaway Supernick XL TI 17 Gray Same as above with Titanium outer coating for added durability $29.00
Ashaway Powernick 18 18 Red Thin & textured with Zyex for added power and durability $33.00
Ashaway Powernick 19 19 Black Even thinner…Zyex for added power $33.00
Tecnifibre 305 17 Green For extra ball speed with a soft feel $33.00

*note: prices are subject to change


String tension is measured in pounds.  The higher the number, the tighter the string job (the more pounds of tension the string is pulled to).   Higher tensions result in a firmer feel and more control (but less power).  The lower the number of pounds, the looser the string job.  Lower tensions result in more power and more comfort to the arm.

As a rule, squash racquets are typically strung between 22 and 36 pounds of tension. Racquets come from the factory strung at a mid-range tension for a blend of both power and control.  Call us if you want the exact range for your racquet, or ask us to string it at “mid-point” for an equal blend of power and control. We will string it at the middle of the recommended tension for that frame.


If your bumper guard on the head of the racquet is ripped, cracked or very worn, it is time to have it replaced.  If you see cracked or missing grommets (the plastic pieces on the inside of the racquet head) that is another indication you need it replaced.  The bumper / grommet set is a kit that replaces all these parts.  We install it prior to stringing your racquet. Most run $15.95 to $18.95 installed.  Let us know in advance if you know you need it replaced, otherwise, we’ll replace it at our discretion of it needs it.  If we do not have these parts in stock, we will apply head tape and or repair individual grommets as needed.


If your grip is worn and slipping in your hand it’s time for a regrip.  Unless instructed otherwise, we will remove all the grips you have applied and apply a new replacement grip to the base of the handle. It is helpful to know if you are right or left-handed so that we know which way
to wrap the grip.  If we don’t know, we will use the standard right hand application.

If there is a particular brand and grip model you like and we have it, we’ll use it. If you’d like us to replace it similar to the factory grip, we can do that too.  Just let us know your preferences.


We keep detailed customer records of exactly how we’ve strung each of your racquets, the date strung, tension, grip work, grommet work etc.  Rest assured we retain these details to make future restrings easier for you.

We look forward to supercharging your racquet to keep you in the game!  

Why have Bell Racquet Sports service your racquet?

  • Master Racquet Technicians in-house to professionally service your racquet
  • Our Customer Service reps are players too! They can intelligently walk you through the many choices of strings, tensions and grips available for your racquet.
  • We specialize in racquet customizations
  • Computerized history of every service performed on your racquet
  • Replacement parts for most older and current models in stock

How do I go about getting my racquet serviced?

  • For our local customers…stop in with your racquet for our 24 hour turnaround on racquet service (stringing, regrips, etc.)
  • For everyone else, there are a couple of options:
    • Print our Racquet Service Order Form, fill it out and include it in your box when you ship your racquet(s)
    • or Call Toll Free 1-800-724-9439 to advise that you’re sending your racquet.
      We will record some vital info from you and wait for your racquet to arrive.

We typically service and reship your racquet the same day it arrives or the next day at the latest.

Address to ship your racquet to for service (click here to print address label):

Bell Racquet Sports
Attn: Racquet Service Dept.
349 W. Commercial St. – Ste. 1800
E. Rochester, NY 14445