Squash Racquet Customizer

Our Racquet Customizer options are being offered to you because you are looking at one of our “high end” squash racquets. You are the Players who typically want to get the maximum performance out of your squash racquet.

We’ll help you do just that by customizing your squash racquet to your specs prior to shipping. In most cases we’ll still get your order out the door the same day we receive it, or the next business day at the latest! And, all of our customizations are being offered to you FREE of Charge!*

*With the exception of Head & Dunlop Squash racquets which we will upgrade for a nominal fee due to their ad policies.

*with the purchase of select high-performance squash racquets

Squash racquets ship to us from the Factory already strung at a mid-range tension for a combination of power and control. The string variety used at the factory is typically a basic 17 gauge synthetic gut or one step above, offering decent playability for the average player.

If you want to enhance the performance of your squash racquet, go ahead and choose a premium string from the drop down menu provided when you are placing your order. We will cut out the factory strings and install your choice of string at your desired string tension (see below).

Reminder: Squash racquet strings are usually 17 gauge, 18 gauge or even 19 gauge. Seventeen gauge strings (thicker) are more durable than 18 gauge, however 18g (thinner) and 19g (even thinner!) are higher performing in terms of playability.

Our FREE Premium String Choices* include the following:

String Guage Color Features Value Your Price
Gamma Pro Squash 17 Black Multi-filament for tremendous response, lively feel $26.00 $0.00*
Ashaway Supernick XL 17 White Textured for power, control & great bite on the ball. $29.00 $0.00*
Ashaway Supernick XL TI 17 Gray Same as above with Titanium outer coating for added durability $29.00 $0.00*
Ashaway Powernick 18 18 Red Thin & textured with Zyex for added power and durability $33.00 $0.00*
Ashaway Powernick 19 19 Black Thin & textured with Zyex for added power and durability $33.00 $0.00*
Ashaway Ultranick 17 17 Green More control but slightly less power than Powernick; great touch $33.00 $0.00*
Ashaway Ultranick 18 18 Lt Blue More control but slightly less power than Powernick; max bite and touch $33.00 $0.00*
Tecnifibre 305 17 Green For extra ball speed with a soft feel $33.00 $0.00*

*With the exception of Head and Dunlop Squash racquets which we will upgrade for just the cost of the string due to their advertising policies.

Choosing String Tension for your squash racquet:

As a rule, squash racquets are typically strung between 22 and 36 pounds of tension. Racquets come from the factory strung at a mid-range tension for a blend of both power and control.

String tension is measured in pounds. The higher the number, the tighter the string job (the more pounds of tension the string is pulled to). Higher tensions result in a firmer feel and more control (but less power). The lower the number of pounds, the looser the string job. Lower tensions result in more power and more comfort to the arm.

Simply select your desired string and tension from our drop-down menu when purchasing your racquet!

Please Note: if you order your racquet with any of the string customizations mentioned above, it is not returnable as it is no longer in “Factory” condition. Thank You.

As always, we are here to help! Should you have any questions regarding our custom selections do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss. Our knowledgeable sales associates will help you make the best decision possible for your individual needs.