Easy way to install your Racquetball Wrist Tether

Easy Way to Install a Racquetball Wrist Tether

We are often asked how we install a wrist tether into the handle of a racquetball racquet.  It can be a bit fussy, especially on certain racquetball racquets like those from E-Force where there is a tiny opening for the tether.  Here are a couple of tips that will help you get that tether in, out and tied off in no time.

Tip #1 – Use a Thin Racquetball Tether

Some wrist tethers are very thick.  If you begin with a narrower tether it will make the process easier.  We like the E-Force Skinny Wrist Tether.  Pick up a couple and keep them on hand so you have them when you need to change yours out.

Tip#2 – Easy way to install the tether into your racquet handle

Unfold a paperclip until it is straight; then bend one end into a tiny U shape (use a pair of needle nose pliers for this). Insert the end of the tether without the slip knot into one side of the opening in the butt cap.  Use an awl or another narrow tool to poke the tether down into the hole a little ways.  Insert the bent end of the paperclip into the opposite side to “hook” the tether and gently pull it out the opposite side. Pull roughly two inches through and tie it off using a “self-tightening” knot. Finally, we like to tuck the tail end back down into the hole for a finished look.