Bell Racquetball Racquet Customizer

Our Racquetball Racquet Customizer options are being offered to you because you are looking at one of our top-of-the-line racquetball racquets.  You are the Players who typically want to get the maximum performance out of your racquet.

We’ll help you do just that by customizing it to your specs prior to shipping.  In most cases we’ll still get your order out the door the same day we receive it or the next business day at the latest!

Due to our Supplier’s Advertising Policies we can no longer ADVERTISE “FREE” Grips as part of our upgrades.  However, we will continue to install your choice of rubber grip at no extra charge when you buy the grip for the price shown alongside each racquet.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding this advertising policy. 1-800-724-9439.  We know that our loyal customers will continue to see the value we provide in our fast, accurate, professional service!


Racquetball racquets are typically available in two grip sizes:

Size: Sometimes Called:
3-5/8 Super Small*
3-7/8 Extra Small or 3-15/16" or LG

*For certain models, Ektelon has added a Super Small Rounded  (SSR) grip option.  It is the smallest grip size but with a rounder feel in the hand.

When you hold a racquetball racquet, you want your fingertips to wrap around the grip and be touching your palm.  90% of our customers use the smaller grip size.  Remember:  The SMALLEST grip size you can comfortably hold without your fingertips crushing into your palm will facilitate the best racquetball wrist snap!


Many players who wear a glove when they play prefer a one-piece rubber grip for more tackiness and greater durability.  (Not so good without a glove!)

Read more about Racquetball Grip Reviews on our blog.

Our Regrip Options include:

  • Python Grip** – Textured grooves for less slippage, *see install note below
  • Ektelon Original Grip – thinnest rubber grip on the market for smallest feel in the hand, textured
  • Head Tacki-Mac IRT Pro – Very firm rubber, great sandpaper like gritty texture for a truly no-slip grip
  • Head Tacki-Mac Serrated – Tiny serrated grooves in the rubber for extra traction, less bulky than Python
  • Ektelon Vision Grip – Squishy, gummy like grip.  Not textured; the only truly tacky grip of the bunch.
  • Others – We have many grip choices in stock.  CALL to discuss options or request a grip you don’t see here.

When you select a rubber grip to purchase with your racquet, we will install it at no extra charge prior to shipping your racquet…no labor charge, just the price shown next to the grip.

**Python Grip – has unfortunate “rings” at the base of the grip that are supposed to help you keep a better grip on the racquet.  However, the rings add significant size to the butt of the racquet, so our standard Python installation includes removal of the rings for the smallest feel in your hand. If you want the rings to remain, please phone in your order to us. Please also mention whether you want the rings flush with or hanging off the end of the handle.


This is simply a lightweight adhesive tape that we can apply across the racquet’s bumper guard (on the racquet’s head) to provide an additional layer of protection.  Although a racquet’s bumper guard is a replaceable part, the tape may prolong the life of your bumper guard.  To most players, the weight of the tape is imperceptible. *FREE option with the exception of HEAD & Ektelon racquets. They have prohibited us from offering this customization free of charge, so it will run you twenty-five cents.


Some racquetball racquets come from the factory with a dampener installed in the strings, others do not.  The factory ones sometimes fall out of the string bed during play and/or do not dampen string vibration very well.  Our special rubber band, tied in just the right way dampens string vibration very well in any racquet and stays put! *FREE option with the exception of HEAD & Ektelon racquets. They have prohibited us from offering this customization free of charge, so it will run you five cents.

Please Note: if you order your racquet with a grip customization mentioned above, it is not returnable as it is no longer in “Factory” condition.  Thank You.