Arm strengthening exercises for racquet sports / tennis elbow stretches

Whether or not you are experiencing the pain of tennis elbow, the following exercises are geared toward improving flexibility on and off the court. These tennis elbow stretches will help keep your arm limber and ready to play.

Please remember, if you have persistent pain, see a doctor!

Top Recommended Tennis Elbow Stretches

Exercise 1 – Wrist Dorsiflexion (Wrist Back)

Sit in a chair with your forearm on a table and back of wrist facing upwards.  Place palm of left hand on knuckles of right hand.  Bend wrist down as far as possible, providing appropriate resistance with the left hand.

Exercise 2 – Wrist Flexion (Wrist Forward)

Assume above position with palm facing upwards.  Place heel of left hand on area of right palm next to fingers.  Bend right wrist backwards as far as possible and then while bending wrist forward as far as possible, provide appropriate resistance with left hand.

Exercise 3 – Pronation (Turning Palm Down)

Assume position with palm of right hand facing upwards.  Grasp right palm with left palm (interlocking hands).  As you turn right palm down (rotate forearm) provide resistance with left hand.

Exercise 4 – Supination (Turning Palm Up)

Assume position with palm of right hand facing downwards.  Grasp back of right hand with left hand.  As you turn right palm up (rotate forearm) resist with left hand.

Exercise 5 – Finger Extension (Spread Fingers)

Place a rubber band around the back of the tips of fingers and thumb.  Extend fingers and thumb and hold for six seconds.  Increased resistance is provided by using more and thicker rubber bands.

Exercise 6 – Ball Squeeze 

Squeeze a tennis ball as hard as you comfortably can for six seconds. Repeat.