The K-Swiss Ultrascendor – a legend in its class!

K-Swiss Ultrascendor

K-Swiss Ultrascendor

UPDATED MAY, 2019…a limited release of the K-Swiss Ultrascendor shipped in August of 2019.  The color offerings are slightly different than the original Ultrascendor shown above, but the shoe has remained otherwise unchanged.  The 2019 Limited Edition Ultrascendor for ladies is white, powder blue and silver and the men’s is white and black.  Both colors have been extremely well received.  In fact, most players who are fanatics about this shoe would buy it in any color they could get it in!!!  That speaks to the passion for this shoe.

Recognize it? That’s right, the Ultrascendor is back for a LIMITED TIME! DON’T WAIT!

This shoe is recognized for its high performance technology, natural leather and other lightweight materials and design elements that minimize the weight of the shoe. From the durable 7.0 series outsole to the well-tested design of the Cushion Board, each feature of the Ultrascendor was thoughtfully engineered with comfort, fit and performance in mind. You’ll love the durability for hard wearing sports like platform tennis! Wear it for pickleball, tennis or any paddle sport. For players who need a wide fit on the foot, while this is technically not called a WIDE shoe, its fit is very generous throughout.

What sport to wear the K-Swiss Ultrascendor for:

Traditionally a tennis shoe, the use of this shoe has expanded over the years due to its ability to fit a wider foot – a tremendous need of players of a variety of court sports. While we have racquetball and squash customers playing in this shoe, our most common buyers of it play the following:

  • Outdoor Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • Paddle

Looking for a roomy shoe with terrific cushioning under foot and lots of support?  Look no further!



Written by Bell Racquet Sports Staff