As of this moment, graphite pickleball paddles are on the decline for the U.S. pickleball market including buyers and pickleball players.  Graphite paddles peaked a couple of years ago but are now being replaced with paddles constructed of alternate materials due to supplier issues and and inability to obtain the quality of graphite at the price that was previously available.  The raw materials used to manufacture graphite are diminishing, and quickly!  Enter a variety of composites, polys and fiberglass materials that are more readily available.

For those of you with graphite pickleball paddles that you are passionate about, treat them well and hold them close!  You may just have a rare commodity.  In the meantime, for those of you who have been told by a teaching pro or pickleball buddy that you absolutely must buy a graphite pickleball paddle, let them know that you are an early adopter of the next greatest thing as you invest in a new pickleball paddle with a fiberglass face!

For example, we recommend you take a look at the Selkirk AMPED pickleball paddles including the AMPED S2 or AMPED Epic paddles, or the Wilson Profile Pickleball Paddle.

Tip of the Day:  we get asked every day how long a pickleball paddle should last or when a pickleball paddle should be replaced.  Here’s the best answer to that:  You, the player, will notice when your pickleball paddle suddenly feels different.  Read more in our blog post on When to Replace my Pickleball Paddle.

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