Price Match Policy

What is MAP?
You’ll see Pricing listed as MAP on new products throughout our site, mostly current line Shoes and Racquets.  It stands for Minimum Advertised Price and is the price we are forced by Manufacturers to supply on our internet site.  This has resulted in a new dynamic, where OUR IN-STORE PRICING IS AT TIMES LESS THAN OUR INTERNET PRICES.  While it makes things very complicated, the long and short of it is that the only way to guarantee you’re getting our lowest price on a racquet is to email us or call for the price.

Price Matching
We will gladly try to match or often beat the prices of our internet competitors, providing that A) they are an Authorized U.S. Dealer of the product B) that they currently have the exact item (including size and color) in stock, and C) we can confirm it.

In order to do so, you must provide the Dealer’s information so that we can confirm the lower price. People often ask us to match a much lower price but won’t tell us where it was from and that’s just plain silly, don’t you think?  You’re just wasting your time and ours.  Please be prepared when you call with a PRICE MATCH request.  It helps you get what you want and it helps us make it happen.

Retail VS. Internet Pricing
At times, our pricing varies between our Internet Store and our Retail Locations; in some cases a bit higher, in some cases a bit lower.  We believe we are competitive in both arenas.  We make no guarantees to match prices in our store with internet pricing, however, we may do so on a one on one basis depending on various factors.