So you’re looking for the best platform tennis paddle for tennis elbow?  Platform Tennis is agreeably hard on the arm.   A hard ball, relatively heavy paddle and playing in the cold all contribute to the jarring effect that can leave your elbow in pain.  Or, many of our customers are tennis players who have tennis elbow and it gets even more aggravated during their platform tennis season.

How to buy a comfortable paddle for tennis elbow
  • Use a paddle with a low density core.  Paddles are made with an EVA foam core that comes in high (firm), medium and low (soft) density.  The high density paddles are the most jarring to the arm and the low density paddles are the most shock-absorbing.  Check out a low density (soft core) paddle and you’ll see that when you squeeze the head, you can easily feel it give (like a sponge) beneath your fingers.
  • Use a mid to heavier weight paddle.  Contrary to what many players think, light isn’t always best when it comes to tennis elbow.  Just like in a tennis racquet, a heavier racquet / paddle has more material to absorb the impact of the ball, thus is less jarring to your arm.  A heavier paddle, in theory can also be swung more slowly and still transfer more power to the ball due to the mass in the head. So you don’t have to kill yourself to perform any super fast swing motions, etc.
  • Don’t use a heavier paddle that you can comfortably swing.  Okay, okay, I know I just said don’t go too light in weight.  However, too heavy (for you) and you are also working too hard to heft it.  What might feel and play great at the beginning of your match might cause fatigue by the end if it is more than you can handle.  There is a happy medium with weight and your goal is to find it!
  • Stretch and wear a tennis elbow aid / brace.  These go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways!  Stretching before and after your match are a must.  Try a tennis elbow band if you haven’t before.
  • Keep your arms warm.  Wearing a compression sleeve on the elbow, or an athletic shirt that keeps the arm warm during play should help to keep things loose and limber.

Hopefully all of these tips put together will help keep you playing in comfort!  As always, for any specific gear questions, give us a shout at 1.800.724.9439 and we will be happy to help.  Until then…have fun out there!


Written by Cate Bell