Could you use a few simple techniques to help you feel more refreshed from Monday to Sunday? Couldn’t we all?

Tip 1 – Start your day with a stretch in bed!
Before getting out of bed in the morning, lie on your back and gently pull one knee into the chest. Work slowly and smoothly, as the muscles and nerves are not yet fully awake and are often stiff and more vulnerable at this time. Hug the knee to your chest to begin opening up the leg and back, do a few squeezes of your upper body towards the leg (i.e. on your exhales), then lie back, relaxing your neck while you do ankle circles both clockwise and counterclockwise. Repeat on the other side.

Tip 2 – Learn to use your eyes to measure your meals
At meal time, nutritionists recommend that you cover at least half your plate with fruits and vegetables. Fill the remainder with high protein items including lean meats, seafood, grains or legumes.

Tip 3 – Keep moving!
A recent report from Epidemiologists finds that sitting for extended periods shortens your life span. Standing, walking or otherwise moving burns calories, helps insulin lower glucose and activates an enzyme that sucks fat out of the bloodstream. For those of you with “standing” jobs you’re automatically helping prolong your life…wow!

Tip 4 – Bring that good luck charm with you
Good luck charms give you an advantage – if you believe they work. Experiments have shown that those who carried such a charm set higher goals and felt more confident. It’s that confidence (not magic) that makes the difference. Psychologists agree that it can really make a difference in sporting event or other test of our endurance and will and studies have proven the outcome!

Tip 5 – Laugh a little (or even better, a lot)
Laughter has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, for those coming off a cold or illness experiencing a loss of appetite, laughter can trigger a rise in the “hunger” hormone ghrelin which may help you get your appetite back so you can get your body back in working order. So if you can’t get to the court or the gym today, at least laugh it up a bit with your pals at the office or your family and you should all feel a bit better!

Tip 6 – Check your shoes
Are you wearing the right shoes for your sport? Are they in good condition? Research has shown that amateur athletes playing court sports are some of the worst offenders by not wearing appropriate court shoes for their sport. Especially noted for this violation: Pickleball and tennis players in their sixties and seventies wearing old fashioned “tretorn” style shoes with little or no padding or wearing running shoes on a court and thinking they’re protected? Think again!

Tip 7 – Wash your hands
Often, and for 20 seconds minimum to remove pathogens that cause colds and flu. Use standard soap (antibacterial is NOT more effective at reducing bacteria in the long run).