MAXX Safety Sport Sunglasses for pickleball, tennis & more!

We are super excited to now offer Maxx Sport Sunglasses to our players!  The perfect sunglasses for pickleball, beach tennis, tennis and any outdoor court sport.   Offering both High Definition and regular lenses in shatterproof, polycarbonate construction these sunglasses are a must have for safety and clarity of vision. These lenses are designed to highlight the ball  Check out our offerings.

High Definition lenses enhance contrast by reducing the scattered blue light that causes objects to appear “flat” against backgrounds. Contrast is improved so objects appear more sharply defined. Colors are bright and vibrant. Glare is virtually eliminated, allowing your eyes to relax and see everything remarkably crisp and clear. The HD lens cuts through haze and glare for optimum visual clarity, even at a distance. Sharpens contrast while maintaining a natural, no-distorted color balance.

Do we have ANSI Certified Sports Sunglasses?

Yes!  We carry the MAXX SS3 which is ANSI Z87+ certified for court safety.

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Written by Cate Bell